DECEMBER 23, 2011 - The wait for those who ordered Shattered Hopes on December 16th and in the days since will be a few extra days due to a technical glitch.

"We were informed Wednesday of a problem with the DVD stamper," says Ryan Katzenbach, "and we've been able to easily fix the issue, but it's eat up some time in the back and forth between our mastering facility and our DVD manufacturer, and this has set us behind schedule for shipping orders by about 3 business days, and we very sincerely apologize to our fans and friends who have ordered the DVD."

The technical glitch came as the result of the DVD's copy protection encoding.

"There are flags on the master that have to be present for the copy protection to be embedded in the DVD stampers, and apparently, one of them was missing, which, thankfully, the mastering facility in L.A. caught before the discs were stamped," says Katzenbach. "It created some confusion because, in our software settings, everything was flagged properly, and it came down to, apparently, the way the master had been burned...a burn that didn't include the flag. We were able to fix the problem in a matter of about fifteen minutes and we were able to deliver that master the same day," he noted. "A quick verification by the facility showed that the problem had been resolved, and the stamper entered production and was delivered this morning to our DVD manufacturer."

Shattered's Part I DVD's were scheduled to be picked up by Amityville Holdings, Inc. from the manufacturing facility today and the company planned to begin order fulfillment late this afternoon and throughout the morning of Christmas Eve. Because all orders placed ship via priority mail, domestic orders in the United States were expected for 2-4 days from shipping and International orders were out 6-10 days, or just after the New Year.

"At this point, it looks like the discs will be packaged and ready by Wednesday morning, December 28th, or possibly before, and they will begin shipping that afternoon to customers," says Katzenbach. "Our rep at the stamping facility has been on top of this project, and at this point, all the packaging is ready to roll, as well as the inserts that go into the DVD....all we need is the star of the package....the film itself, and the stamping process will take one day to complete."

DVD piracy issues are a real concern for the mainstream-Hollywood studio system as well as for indie filmmakers like KatcoMedia and their distributor, AHI. "It's not as big of an issue domestically as it is internationally, but you still want to do everything you can to protect your work," says Katzenbach, who adds that one of the most problematic areas for piracy is China. "China has a huge piracy problem which is why, at this point, we've restricted distribution. The film is not being offered there and it's something we'll let our international distributor deal with." The Shattered DVD incorporates the same piracy protection devices that all major Hollywood motion pictures incorporate into their DVD releases.

Piracy concerns affected and halted AHI's decision to mail screeners to potential reviewers around the country. "Katco prepared screener copies some weeks back to mail to major newspapers, magazines, industry trades and so on, and then we ultimately made the decision, after these DVD's were burned, to not send them," says Shattered's Executive Producer and AHI Vice-President Diana Maiocco. "While we certainly don't believe that any potential screeners would share or copy the film, there is a concern about what would happen if the film were ultimately not delivered to the right party or lost in transit and AHI decided it best to just sit on review copies until there were actual production copies back from our manufacturer that we could share with potential reviewers."

Maiocco also stated that AHI, upon learning of the problem on Wednesday, did agree to a rush-fee paid to the DVD manufacturer in an attempt to keep production on schedule or as close to the original plan as possible. "It just happens that production falls during one of their busiest times and it's further complicated by having the actual Christmas holiday right in the middle of our release, so we lose some time there. But, with the rush, we were shoved to the front of the line and we've been assured that our film will be pushed out ASAP, and Ryan has been on top of production every step of the way," says Maiocco.

Shattered was originally scheduled for DVD production commencing the week of Dec. 5 as final rights clearances for the project wrapped on Dec. 2. As the result of talks with a distributor that commenced on Dec. 1, production of the DVD was tabled pending these discussions. When the talks resulted in a greenlight for AHI's domestic and international DVD distribution, while also potentially netting the firm an international premiere schedule including the Berlin International Film Festival and Cannes, AHI was behind schedule approximately 10 ten days.

"If these talks hadn't taken place, this would all be behind us and Shattered would have shipped on the 16th of December as originally scheduled, but the talks were very productive and put us in a position to reach a very wide audience," says Maiocco.

AHI began taking orders on the advertised release date and elected to not push this date back believing that DVD's would ship within a week of the date. "Thus far," says Maiocco, "we're not off by more than a few days from our original estimation, and the advance orders period has given us a good indicator of the quantities of DVD we need to stock."

DVD purchasers will continue, over the next days, to receive confirmation of their orders via email. AHI, at present, is still processing orders placed on December 16th and expecting to complete processing by the Tueday following Christmas. When each order is shipped, and clears the order system, purchasers will be notified and informed to be on the lookout for their DVD.

Shattered Hopes Part II is currently in production and Part III's scoring and mastering process will begin by February. The second and third installments are scheduled for release in the spring and late spring of 2012, respectively.

"We thank everyone who has supported our film and purchased copies and we cannot wait until these DVD's are in the hands of our ultimate viewers because we know there will be a lot of conversation about this film on our Facebook page. We are very excited to get this first film out to the fans and to hear all feedback. It's a great moment for us, as filmmakers," says Maiocco.

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