OCTOBER 7, 2011 - Ryan Katzenbach appeared on Brian Jasik's DominionLive Radio show to talk about Shattered Hopes: The True Story of the Amityville Murders on Friday evening October 7th. Over the past few years, Katzenbach has appeared on Jasik's show about a half-dozen times to talk about the progress being made on the documentary.

During this most recent episode, Brian Jasik asked Katzenbach, specifically, about the release of the film and if any specific plans had been made. With that, Ryan Katzenbach made the announcement that Shattered's Part I would be released to DVD before the end of 2011.

Tentative entrapment art for the Part I "From Horror To Homicide" DVD release.

Shattered, which commenced principal photography in January 2006, anticipated a film that would extend 4-hours in length and be divided into 2 2-hour segments. However, as the research continued to expand and the production team, helmed by Katzenbach, partner and EP Diana Maiocco, and enlisting producers Gail Bleckman and Keith Knee, uncovered more documents and evidence than anticipated associated with the DeFeo case, Katco reluctantly expanded the film to 3 2-hour segments.

"I thought that six hours was too long," says Katzenbach, "but I became more and more sure of the project as each 2-hour segment sort of became its own freestanding film...each installment has its own energy, its own personality, and its own life. There is a commonality between each 2 hour segment in terms of music, the overall look and attitude, but, even so, each part is its own animal. And while I think this is sort of experimental, as documentaries go, I think the folks out there who are really interested in Amityville will really enjoy this project. And not only Amityville enthusiasts, I think this is something that anyone invested in true crime will certainly enjoy."

Katzenbach also explains that there is a reason as to why there is not an exact release date as of October.

Ownership of the film is being transferred to a distribution arm that will handle and coordinate release of the film. "Until that is completely done, the i's are dotted and t's are crossed, we can't commit to an exact date of release, but it will be before the end of the year," says Katzenbach. At the same time, T-shirts, movie posters and other items will become available for sale, as well. The new entity is also in talks with Roxanne Kaplan to re-release her and her late-husband Stephen's 1995 book The Amityville Horror Conspiracy.

When the release of Part I was announced on the Shattered Facebook page within an hour of Jasik's JabberJaw show on Dominion, one of the biggest questions posed from friends of the page was "where can I buy a copy?"


"Where will it be available? Well, that is, also, like an exact release date, up in the air. Katco, as a book publisher has enjoyed relationships with distributors for a number of years, including Amazon which has sold the largest amount of books for us," says Katzenbach, "so the new distribution entity will have to explore the possibilities of transferring those relationships with us over to them. If that happens, there will be widespread availability of the DVD," says Katzenbach, who also notes that the new distribution arm is in the process of securing a bank of ISBN numbers as well as Universal Product Codes. "ISBN and UPC codes open up availability and make this film available anywhere from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to BestBuy to WalMart potentially, so it will be interesting to see how that shakes out. My recommendation has been that this website, establish an online store for merchandise and that this website sell the DVD exclusively for at least the first 90 days after release before it becomes available anywhere else."


Katzenbach believes that each installment of the film will likely be available for around $15. "We would like to hold the retail price at $15 but it could be as a high as $17 or $18 before it's done," he says. "Originally, we felt a DVD box set could sell for between $36 and $48, depending upon a number of variables. If we can release each part for around $15 then the cost of the box set will not be exceeded, and it will still provide viewers with some nice bonus features," he adds.

A 5-disc box set with a comprehensive set of bonus features will be released at the end of 2012. The box set will include 3 DVD's, each containing a different installment of the film, followed by 2 DVD's of bonus materials, likely to include 2 30-40 minute documentaries centered around different aspects of making the film. Deleted scenes, additional interview clips and other materials will be included, as will a document library to include all of the papers acquired during the research and filming of Shattered Hopes. Katzenbach also notes that there will likely be a special offer extended to those who wish to buy the box set after purchasing all three of the original installments. "For the collectors, we'll likely do a proof-of-purchase type of offer where we knock a generous amount off the box set for those who already purchased the DVD's," says Katzenbach.


Shattered was slated to come out around January 20th, 2012. The film, says Katzenbach, will still primarily follow this schedule.

"Why wait? I want it out and in the hands of the fans and friends who have been waiting so long to see this, and have supported this project for so long. I realize we have people who have probably been following the development of this piece the whole time we've been filming, and it's time for it to come out. I can't wait, as a filmmaker, to hear their response to Part I....and to see, ultimately, if we did our job....if I did my job...and they are left hanging on the edges of their seats in anticipation of the second installment," says Ryan Katzenbach.

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