DECEMBER 30, 2011 - Six years in the making and obstacle after obstacle, a long anticipated day by both those following along at home AND the filmmakers has arrived. The first copies of Shattered Hopes have, as of this morning, eeked out door says AHI Vice President Diana Maiocco, and are on their way to buyers.

"This is one very exciting day," says Maiocco, "it was very exciting to put the DVD up for sale on its release date on December 16th, but it's even more exciting to know that within days this film will hit the hands and DVD players of our fans and friends around the globe," she added --- an achievement that has been a long time in the works with the past weeks DVD manufacturing being particularly challenging due to recent glitches with anti-piracy protection that set shipping dates back about a week.

Los Angeles based Amityville Holdings, Inc. purchased the Shattered trilogy from producer & director Ryan Katzenbach's production shingle KatcoMedia in November, and finalized the deal on December 20th. AHI, as sole owner of the film and related assets, is in charge of worldwide distribution in all media formats --- a status that may change within days if an international distribution deal is reached with a Los Angeles based distributor for which the company has been in talks with. If the deal closes, AHI will remain in charge of domestic and Canadian distribution while this international distributor will take over all media rights spanning the rest of the globe.

While copies of Shattered's Part I DVD, which includes the film and more than 30 minutes of bonus materials went out in small quantities this morning, more copies will hit the afternoon mail run."We're aiming to satisfy all orders Friday and Saturday if possible, while also focusing on a number of review copies, as well, which will get us completely caught up on all standing orders by the new year," says Maiocco. "We've kept our fans waiting long enough, and our priority now is in getting their orders in their hands because they have been very patient and very understanding of this process.

"Thus far, the inventory, accounting and shipping management systems, while still being christened, are operating smoothly and coming up to speed. By next week, AHI's goal is to ship orders placed daily by 3 p.m. PST on the same day.

"We're also working on a number of new options, too, to make ordering even easier and more affordable," Maiocco noted. When the DVD was offered on December 16, priority shipping through the United States Post Office worldwide was the only shipping option available. While this still remains the case, says Maiocco, AHI is working on implementing a number of options, though slower, that are more affordable for customers. "We're getting that put together and working with our PayPal account to implement these other options, which will include, domestically, a media mail rate which is very cost effective though slower than priority, and we're also working on several foreign shipping options that will save customers money on shipping as well."

AHI, upon completing the tenative deal with Katzenbach, filed all required corporate papers in November. The California Secretary of State took much longer than anticipated at returning AHI's stamped and processed Articles of Incorporation which resulted in delays for certain licensing that needed to be completed, particularly including a California Sellers Permit and Resale license. This has, in turn, resulted in a restriction on California sales wherein AHI cannot sell any merchandise in California. AHI has completed all applications, assembled all paperwork, and hopes to have the Board of Equalization Seller's Permits next week, thus lifting the restriction on California sales.

AHI has fielded a number of questions via Facebook and email regarding the availability of the DVD via mail order. Notes Maiocco, the option is available, and info will be added to the film's website as to where to send checks and money orders to purchase the DVD.For more information on how to order via US Mail, for the time being, interested parties may email AHI at

"We want to thank everyone who has ordered the DVD for their orders and for their patience as we've worked through our initial growing pains, and we think you'll find that it was well worth the wait," says Maiocco.

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