OCTOBER 27, 2011 - Shattered Hopes: The True Story of the Amityville Murders documentary has launched a new series of teasers this week under a campaign dubbed "Revealed." Each teaser -- a total of approximately 10 -- features interviewees from Part I of the 3-part 6-hour trilogy which documents the story behind the infamous DeFeo mass murder in November 1974. Each teaser tells an interesting and often new facet of the DeFeo story.

Part I, "From Horror To Homicide," is the first 2-hour installment which is scheduled to release in early December. Part II ["Mob,Mayhem...Murder"] will follow within a few months of Part I, with Part III ["Forenics and Fraud"]--the final installment--- will drop in the early Spring of 2012.

The first new teaser launched this past Tuesday features 12-year old murder-victim Marc Gregory DeFeo's best friend. This friend knew Marc for over 2-years at the time of his death, and he slept-over at 112 Ocean Avenue nearly every weekend of that 2-year window --- including the last weekend of the DeFeo's lives, November 9-10, 1974. His entire story is recounted throughout Part I, but also carries over to Parts II and III.

112 Ocean Avenue as depicted in Shattered Hopes: The True Story of the Amityville Murders.

Another teaser, slightly longer than the first :30 clip, will debut this Friday on the documentary's Facebook page. New teasers will drop every week leading up to the release of Part I, and the "Revealed" campaign will conclude with a formal trailer for Part I scheduled to release on Thanksgiving Day.

Though each teaser is relatively short, spanning under a minute in most cases, the details that are revealed are riveting and will come to feature many faces never before associated with the Amityville story. Each of these faces are a prominent part of Part I.

KatcoMedia, and director Ryan Katzenbach, is expected to make an announcement in the upcoming days as to the release details of Shattered on DVD, including the exact release date and where the documentary will be available.

Shattered has been nearly 6-years in the making and features nearly 20-interviewees who share their stories about life in the DeFeo home, the crime, investigation, and every other aspect associated with the case that spawned the "Amityville Horror" haunted-house tale.

























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